Saturday, November 5, 2011

Need a Videographer?

Last week, I had the privilege of working with an amazing videographer. Normally, I wouldn't suggest a videographer unless you didn't have a good friend with a video camera, as hiring one can be a big expense.

Craig Butler of Freakin' Awesome Photography and Videography did the impossible... He took video from the entire day's events (the bride's makeup and hairdresser, the guys waking up and trying to get ready in one small house, the ride to the ceremony, the photo shoot all around various Detroit landmarks and finally the grand entrance at the hall). Then some how, he edited this down into a brilliant high quality production during dinner and played the 8 minute feature (complete with music) on a big screen right after dinner!!!

Video editing is very time consuming and can take days to do, what he some how put together in just 45 minutes. If you want an emotional, funny and moving short film to play at your reception, give Craig a call or check out his website.

Craig Butler 734-560-3115

Need to see his work? Here's what I saw... (that's me announcing them, but I don't think his mic picked up the sound that well)

Chris & Amber - Wedding Video Same Day Edit - Andiamo Warren, St. James Michigan from Craig David Butler on Vimeo.