Sunday, June 5, 2016

What is the Purpose of a Wedding Planner?

There's are a lot of people "claiming" to be wedding planners, but what exactly IS a wedding planner? I can tell you what a wedding planner isn't. A wedding planner is NOT a venue coordinator. It is NOT a wedding decorator. It is NOT the photographer or the DJ (nor my 4 page PDF, which I call a wedding planner). It's NOT someone who just planned their whole wedding and now they think they can do yours.

This article covers what a wedding planner is, their purpose and what to look out for. I can offer one excellent suggestion if you need a REAL wedding planner. She is the only person I've every worked with that constantly amazed me at how intuitive she was and how hard she worked. If you decide you need a wedding planner after reading this article, call Ashley Lynch from Festoons & Flourishes (734)546-1487.

Stop Calling Yourself a Wedding Planner by Danielle Rothweiler
"A wedding planner seems to be the easiest job in the world. I mean, it must be for so many people to just throw it on their signature lines. Girl gets married? Instant wedding planner. Recommended peonies to your sister for her wedding? You’re a wedding planner too! To go all Oprah in this article, “You’re a wedding planner, and you’re a wedding planner, everyone’s wedding planner!!” Just add water, and boom: wedding planner.

This stuff is ridiculous now and the industry is saturated enough without these people running around claiming to be a wedding planner. It’s not fair to actual wedding planners, and guess what? It’s really unfair to those couples that are looking to hire a real wedding planner. Why? Because sometimes it’s hard to tell a Prada from a Canal Street Knock-Off. So, I’m going to make it a little easier for everyone right here, right now."

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