Thursday, May 29, 2014

Venue Review - Whispering Pines Golf Club in Pinckney, MI

On May 17th, Sarah and Brandon tied the knot at Whispering Pines (the couple at the top of their page got married there in October of 2013... I did their wedding) in Pinckney, MI.  While the weather was warm, it was misting on and off through out the afternoon and instead of chancing rain during the ceremony, they opted to move it indoors.  I provided music for the ceremony, utilizing a new mini mixer which allowed perfect fading from song to song, to fade out.

The cocktail hour took place in another room downstairs, while the reception room was prepared for dinner (they had a golf luncheon that was finishing up while the ceremony was going on). This made juggling sound equipment a bit challenging, but that's what I do - I specialize in unique situations and needs for weddings... a true DJ is much more than just the guy who plays music.  I also provided up lighting and a photo booth for this event.  The photographer for this event (Gary) works for Bak Photography, whom I've worked with from time to time over the last ten years or so.  Gary is a super nice guy and does a great job of making sure that the couple gets every shot they want.  Bak photographers, like myself, come prepared to handle any curve ball and bring the right equipment to capture the moment perfectly!  Gary's on the right in this first shot...

I also have to say that not only are the staff at Whispering Pines top notch, the food is excellent!  This is definitely a contender for top picks this year.  With great food and service, a beautiful location for photos and a nice looking venue, you can't do much better.

The bridal party had a blast during their dance.  I got some video and I'll try to post more video footage this year in the blog.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Venue Review - Oak Pointe Country Club, Brighton, MI

On May 10th, I finally made my way over to Oak Pointe Country Club in Brighton, MI.  I've have at least half a dozen inquiries about weddings for this location over the years, but many either changed their venue or didn't book.  While I have no idea what they charge for a wedding reception, I can surely tell you it is on the higher end of the scale.

The ceremony took place just outside and was picture perfect...

The inside was elegantly set with this year's seemingly popular colors, purple and grey...

The Events Director, Kendall, was very helpful and showed me where to setup and get power (which was down a bit from where I was setup).  My setup was a bit unexpected for them.  They usually don't see DJs that have their own light up booths.  I got quite a few compliments on that through out the night and it fit right in with the classy look of the location.  Each one of those cabinets behind my setup is a "private wine cellar" for country club members to rent.  I'd guess that isn't cheap either, but I also think it was not only a bad spot to put them, but also a bad idea not to put a power outlet somewhere along the floor in this area.

The food and service were top notch... here's what it looked like.

The Groom made the table center pieces, cake and cupcake displays from birch, giving it a slightly rustic feel.

The reception hall at Oak Pointe is pretty spacious and allows for two additional wings to be opened (each with a bar) if needed.

Overall, it was a great night and guests didn't want to leave.  The last picture was taken after the lights came back on.  As you can see, there were still nearly 50 people there, who would have kept dancing had the hall allowed them.  I was willing to stay, but the next day being mother's day, the hall had to setup for brunch in the morning.


You can find full details on Oak Point Country Club at their website:


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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Venue Reviews are Back! (a quick recap and something new)

It's been a while since I wrote a venue review or posted any updates so here's a quick recap of what I've been up to lately...

In March I did the benefit dinner for Take Back the Night (an anti-rape rally that takes place in April).  This year I did up lighting and provided the video screen and projector.  The first two photos are from the benefit dinner (at Weber's in Ann Arbor) and the last three are from the rally a few weeks later.

I also did a few teen birthdays in March and April...

One of my favorite events to do each year... Cinco de Mayo at Los Tres Amigos in Canton, MI...

The Project Green and White luncheon was rained out (it was supposed to be outdoors) but we made it work, inside a lecture room.

One of the first wedding of May took place at the Opera House.  I've got quite a few weddings there this summer.  Because I've reviewed it before, I'll just post a few pictures and refer you to my past review (catering was also done by CC Catering)

And now for a new venue... The Village Conference Center in Chelsea, MI.  Located just off I94 and M52, right next to the Comfort Inn, The VCC offers a nice clean and classy location for small to mid size weddings.  Their food was very good and service was excellent.  While I don't see this area as a prime location for many weddings, for those in the area, it's an excellent choice!

I also managed to get a copy of their menu and pricing...

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