Saturday, July 20, 2013


Over the last 11 years, I've used an outstanding Yamaha sound system.  Not once in the 11 years, have I ever had any issue with this sound system.  Unfortunately, everything becomes outdated over time and in order to keep up with the newer, lighter, and more powerful systems, it was time to upgrade.  While I would have liked to stay with Yamaha, I couldn't justify paying three times the price for a new sound system.

This past Spring I made the decision to go with a lighter, powered speaker.  A friend of mine had told me about the ALTO pro sound (I like the name too!) speakers.  They are made by parent company, InMusic Brands, which also owns Akai, Alesis, MAudio and Numark, so their background is rock solid.  I was a bit skeptical about going with smaller speakers as I've always had 15" speakers to get the bass to kick.  After hearing the 12" speakers, I was amazed at the size, weight and sound.  I made the decision to go with two of those and a 15" subwoofer.  This is quite a change as I've always used just two speakers (and an 800 watt mixer/amp) and have now gone to a three speaker setup (with 2000 watts available).

Alto TS112a powered speaker

The result is incredible.   I have more than double the power of the old system and excellent bass response from the sub, creating a sound system that is top notch!  That doesn't mean I'll be using all that power, but it's nice to know I have it when I need it.

I've already received great response from the first wedding I did.  They commented how clean and clear the sound was that was coming out of the speakers.

My back will also appreciate the weight difference... the new speakers with amps are HALF the weight of my old speakers without amps.  Having amps built in also means I have not one, not two, but THREE speakers that have their own power supply, eliminating the need to carry a backup amp.  The amps are also class D, which means they use the latest technology to provide clean sound with VERY little power draw.

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