Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Venue Review: Joy Manor in Westland

I've been a bit behind on venue reviews this summer.  Putting together a high quality photo booth and getting the word out takes a LOT of time and energy.  That being said, the photo booth is going strong now and I need get some reviews up, so expect to see a bunch of them over the next few weeks.

Joy Manor in Westland is one of the very first venues I worked in.  I believe it has changed owners a few times since then, but not a whole lot has changed.  I've been here at least 25 times over the years.

It's still in a slightly run down area, located behind a rock bar with seedy patrons.

The food is questionable at best. A prime example would be packaged ham slices with who knows what, rolled up inside and a white cream of some sort on top... veggies that have been cooking for 6 hours and are nothing more than mush... I have had a few "day after" situations that I don't care to discuss online.  While the food doesn't look too bad, most of the time, you aren't even sure what it is you're eating.

 (from a wedding in early 2013)

The hall has two rooms upstairs and one downstairs (that I have never seen). The room on the left is smaller and less ornate than the larger room on the right.

 (from a wedding in early 2013)

In July, I did a wedding reception for a really great couple in the larger room. The food was on the better end of their spectrum and the couple were celebrating their marriage (and more) a year late, as the groom is in the military. (I have the highest respect for those that serve our country and offer a discount to active military members as a thank you to them)

One of the problems I have with this room is the setup. As you've seen from my previous post on room setup, this is NOT an ideal situation for sound. The dance floor is located in the middle of the room with no power outlets near it. This leaves the DJ no choice, but to setup along the wall, placing tables between the speakers, lighting and dance floor.

The couple had a surprise in store for their guests and family as you'll see in the video...

Overall, Joy Manor is an average venue at best, with below average food and dated decor.  I'm sure that pricing for this venue is very reasonable as it is always busy with various events, but the poor layout of the larger room makes it one of my least favorite places to hold a wedding reception. That being said, it's still not the worst.  http://www.joymanor.com/
My comments are strictly my opinion based on experiences I have had here and are meant to help couples find a location that best fits their needs and budget.