Monday, January 12, 2015

The Truth is Out There...

That was the tagline from David Duchovny's character, agent Mulder in the X-Files.  The same is true for DJs.  The proof is there, you just have to look for it.

Last year, I participated in a bridal show that was offered to me free.  There were three DJs there.  Myself, another experienced veteran from the Howell area and a new guy.  The new guy was charging less than us.  We both agreed, there's no way to offer the prices he was charging and stay in business.  A real business has expenses and you just can't cover them if you don't price things properly.  Regardless, I asked him for a card and filed it away in my card case.

In the past month, I've been putting together my own bridal show to take place on the same weekend, as the last one was hosted by a venue that has since changed into a brewery.  I decided to go through my card case to invite vendors and I came across that card.  I looked him up online...

He's no longer in business.

There's no telling how many couples had to suffer a horrible day because he didn't have the experience to run a proper business.

The truth is out there and it's quite simple:

You Get What You Pay For.

Remember, call a professional... call The DJ Guy!