Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Holidays!

The Holidays will be over in just a few days and many new couples will be engaged.  If you're one of them, congratulations!

Over the past month, I've been busy with all sorts of events...

From Black Friday at the Nike store

to jam-packed in-home winter weddings...

High School Reunions...

and School Dances

Company Holiday Parties...

and more winter weddings...

Whatever the reason to celebrate, The DJ Guy can help!  Be sure to check out our newest special starting today - HALF OFF UP LIGHTING!  Light your reception up with the colors of your choice for prices lower than ANYONE!

Thank you all for a great year and here's looking forward to an even better one.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The (not so) "Off Season"

If you've been looking for blog posts here, you've probably been wondering why you haven't seen anything recent.  It's the slow season right?   I should be posting more.

Normally, that would be the case, but something changed this year and I'm not complaining one bit.  November has been one of the busiest months I've had in a while.  Ten gigs in a month that I would normally get 3 and call it a good month--what's going on here?

My guess is that YOU (my clients) have been spreading the word about The DJ Guy.  For that, I thank you very much!

If you're planning on heading out early for Black Friday specials, you'll find me at the Nike outlet store in the outlet mall in Howell on Thanksgiving night from 10 PM to 3 AM.  Then I've got a high school reunion the next day and a wedding the day after that.  That's just one weekend!

Bookings for 2013 have been very strong with gigs in every month through October at this point.  If you know someone planning a wedding, now is the time to book, because in a few months, there won't be any openings left.  I've already had to turn down two weddings.

Lastly, the holiday season is here and I'd just like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wedding Floor Plans for Success!

I've been telling clients for a long time that DJ placement is VERY important when it comes to a wedding.  You can just shove your entertainment into a corner and hope for the best.  A lot of wedding planners will try to convince you of this.  They are NOT sound professionals so don't let them talk you into putting the DJ in a corner or behind guest tables.

The DJ in this video explains it very well.  The only difference is the sound system he uses probably isn't as flexible as mine.  I have the capability to angle speakers at different times of the reception and for that reason, I prefer the second to the last floor plan that he shows.  That one allows me to angle speakers outward (towards the corners of the room) until the dancing starts.  At that time, I would angle them towards the dance floor, allowing the non-dancing guests to have a conversation without being blasted with sound.  To me, that is the ideal setup.  The last floor plan leaves no choice but to blast the entire room during dancing.

As a suggestion, here's the ideal floor plan...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's all just a blur...

The last few weeks have been VERY busy.  Several three day weekends and even quite a few weekday events!  I'm going to work my way backwards and start with today's event, The Walk to End Alzheimer's.

This was a charity event I did at the Mill Pond in Brighton and was organized by the Alzheimer's Organization.  About 250 people showed up for the event to raise money for Alzheimer's research.  I provided music and a few announcements for the event.

Yesterday (Saturday 9/15/12), I got to do one of my favorite events; the tailgate party!  Liberty Title held their tailgate party right across from Michigan Stadium at the golf course tennis courts.  It's the perfect spot to tailgate, thought the catering was done by Katherines (  The food was very appropriate for the event and very good too.  Sloppy Joes, Coney Dogs, Cheesy Potatoes and Pasta Salad were served early in the day along with some VERY happy sno-cones, great local beer, ice cream and cotton candy.  Towards the end of the game, tortilla chips and seven layer dip was the perfect 4th quarter snack!  This is one of the longest events I've done in a while, lasting 8 hours!  They had a great time and I really enjoy doing this fun, casual party.

 At first I thought these people were really into the
music I was playing... then I noticed the orange
bucket filled with jello shots.

Even earlier this week, I did an event I've never done before.  Regardless of how you feel about politics, it still pays my bills.  On top of that, this particular candidate is a friend of mine.  He was scheduled to speak at a public debate, but when they found out he wasn't a democrat or Republican, he was uninvited, silencing his chance to speak.  Last time I checked, freedom of speech was still a right (or did they kill that too?).  Regardless of how you feel or who you vote for, I just wanted to show you that I really do ALL sorts of events.

There's more to come as I review the previous few weeks in my next post.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aleica & Andrew, August 10th - English Hills, Grand Rapids, MI

It was quite a drive this past Friday... all the way out to Grand Rapids (Walker, MI to be exact).  I'm glad I left early as it was raining most of the way and I had just finished setting up 30 minutes early, when guests began arriving! 

The English Hills Country Club isn't the fanciest place I've been, but the hard work and decorations the couple used, made it very nice.

The food was amazing.  Fresh baked bread and a Caesar salad were brought to each table.  The buffet consisted of a pasta salad with broccoli,  fetuccini alfredo, cheesy chicken, red skin mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and RIBS!  Yes, ribs at a wedding!  I thought for sure they would be messy, tough or bland--not the case.  They were excellent.  The meat just fell off the bone and the flavor was incredible.

Whether it was the toast, cake cutting, first dance or bouquet toss, the night was a huge success!

Brookwood Golf Club of Rochester Hills

Paul and Kim Hansen held their reception at Brookwood Golf Club on August 4th.  The first thing I noticed about Paul is that EVERYONE is treated like an old friend.  What a great outlook on life!  The location for their reception was beautiful, their music choices were great and the strolling dinner was top notch!  Guests danced the night away, even after our original end time.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the camera on this day, so all I had to work with was my phone.

Paul was kind enough to send back the the feedback form I give my clients very quickly.  Thanks!

Nick & Rosa Ball, July 28th, Concourse Hall, Ann Arbor, MI

Nick & Rosa Ball tied the knot on July 28th, 2012.  Their reception was held at the Concourse Hall in Ann Arbor, MI.  The venue was very unique as it was located in industrial business area.  The inside of the hall was spacious and nicely decorated with lights creating a false canopy that softly lit the room.

One thing that caught my attention was the extremely large fan in the middle of the room.  Just before I noticed it, I thought to myself, wow, that's a ...

Guest danced all night and had a great time.  The spacious dance floor was filled almost the entire eventing.