Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Venue Review - Howell Opera House / The Town Host

Last Friday I did a wedding reception at the Howell Opera House.  First of all, congratulations go out to Christine & Troy!

I've had the opportunity to work here on several locations and I appreciate the fact that it's only minutes from home, in downtown Howell.  It has a very historical feel and is large enough to accommodate about 150 people.  The front lobby serves as the cake, coffee and bar area.  While I've never been up to the actual opera house, I've been told it's great for wedding photos!

The Howell Opera House does not have their own catering staff and I've sampled food from several caterers at this location.  On this occasion, the catering was provided by The Town Host (Crystal Gardens off site catering).  As Crystal Gardens is a larger company, I see them quite often and the food is ALWAYS good.  The staff is very professional and efficient. Their menu must be very extensive because it's not too often that I have the same thing twice.  Some of their dishes are better than others, but none of it is bad.

All in all, it was a wonderful night for everyone and I'd recommend both the Howell Opera House and The Town Host to anyone inquiring about a venue or catering.  

One of the things I do NOT like about The Town Host / Crystal Gardens is the way they recommend vendors.  Vendors must advertise with Crystal Gardens in one form or another to be one of their "preferred vendors".  This doesn't say much about whether the vendor is good or bad, but rather that they have paid for an endorsement.  ALWAYS ask vendors for references and if they are unwilling to provide them, look elsewhere!

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