Monday, July 16, 2012

The Great Outdoors!

I am often asked, "Do you do outdoor weddings?"  The answer is yes, quite a few.  The Kane wedding took place this past Saturday at a private residence in Howell.  The tents used and the creative layout made it feel very much like a real venue and not a back yard wedding.  Each tent had a white flag at it's peak and the various peak heights almost gave it a castle look. 

The ceremony took place about 300 feet behind the tent, near a couple of trees which provided much needed shade.

Several large fans were placed in each tent to provide a nice breeze (it was in the 90's).  Two very large octagon shaped tents provided the seating area for the guests while a medium sized square tent covered the wood dance floor and a smaller square tent covered the DJ area.  All of the tents were connected at their corners, making it a seamless collage of large rooms.

The food (and possibly the tents and other rentals) were provided by Joe's Gourmet Catering and Event Services.  The food was excellent.  I don't get to say that all the time, but in this case, the variety was not standard wedding fare.  The service provided by their staff was top notch and they didn't miss a thing.

The buffet included a spring salad mix with fruit, rolls, grilled mixed veggies, stuffed portabella mushroom caps, rice pilaf, grilled chicken breasts, beef kabobs and a pineapple and pepper chutney.

The best man also happens to be a future client of mine for September 8th, 2012.

(Matt and Angelina)

Congratulations to Bridget and Nick!  It was a beautiful wedding and a perfect day!

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  1. The tents/tables/dance floor were from Classic Tent and Event, they are out of Brighton.

    Thanks for everything Ed, we are so pleased with you and will recommend you to everyone.