Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wedding Floor Plans for Success!

I've been telling clients for a long time that DJ placement is VERY important when it comes to a wedding.  You can just shove your entertainment into a corner and hope for the best.  A lot of wedding planners will try to convince you of this.  They are NOT sound professionals so don't let them talk you into putting the DJ in a corner or behind guest tables.

The DJ in this video explains it very well.  The only difference is the sound system he uses probably isn't as flexible as mine.  I have the capability to angle speakers at different times of the reception and for that reason, I prefer the second to the last floor plan that he shows.  That one allows me to angle speakers outward (towards the corners of the room) until the dancing starts.  At that time, I would angle them towards the dance floor, allowing the non-dancing guests to have a conversation without being blasted with sound.  To me, that is the ideal setup.  The last floor plan leaves no choice but to blast the entire room during dancing.

As a suggestion, here's the ideal floor plan...

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