Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Limited TIme Special...

Last month, The DJ Guy experienced an uncontrollable loss of communication with clients due to my main contact phone number being accidentally removed by my cellular provider during a porting error.  After dozens of phone calls and countless hours talking to various customer service agents who said "the number cannot be restored," I finally got through to someone who knew how to do it.  The number has been restored, but the damage has been done.  During the week my phone number was lost in limbo, my website traffic peaked (commonly a busy weekend for bookings) and no one could contact me other than through email.

Here's how my loss, is your gain.

For the next two weeks, I'm rolling back prices.  Book during this time and you'll get $150 OFF the regular price of any wedding package.  This offer is not valid holiday weekends (as many of those dates are already booked or soon will be).  This is the largest discount I have ever offered and it will not be extended or offered again.  If you're thinking about booking a DJ for your wedding, NOW is the time to do it.

Call or email me and I'll be happy to setup a meeting with you to privately discuss the details or your wedding.

Call now!  Office: 517-672-3633  or  Cell: 517-404-0418

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