Friday, June 14, 2013

2013 Weddings - some familiar places

Tonight's wedding, while short, was very nice.  This one took place at the Howell Opera House, which I have reviewed before.  In case you missed my review, search for "opera house" in the search bar on the left.  What I haven't done in the past is provide a lot of pictures, so here they are...

This is my setup, with the new lighted facade.  I think it looks clean and professional, hopefully you feel the same way.  The reflective tape on the tripods prevents numerous accidents every year.  I see a lot of DJs who wrap their tripods in white (which looks a little tacky to me) and worse yet, in black, which makes them even harder to see when the lights are low and people are dancing.  There are plenty of venues that don't allow sufficient space for the DJ's setup or have them setup in a high traffic area and having someone's grandmother or aunt trip over a speaker stand with her walker is just not a good thing, so I made sure they COULD be seen.

Food was provided by Gerard's Catering and was VERY good.  They were also smart enough to put the salad and salad plates at the end of the line so you don't have to carry two plates while getting your main course - SMART!

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