Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Five Wedding Gimmicks That Have Got to Go

Haters gonna hate, sure. But there are some wedding decisions that are so "Why?!" that even the least-judgmental guest can't shake 'em off. Here are five of the worst staid traditions.

Releasing Doves
A photo opp that even Instagram can't make look cool, releasing two doves is considered a symbol of unity. For the sake of not diving too deep into PETA territory, let's assume you hire a company that respects the animals' safety. Even after taking proper precautions, there are still only two thoughts your guests will have: 1.) "Those poor birds. How long were they stuffed in that basket?" and 2.) "Am I going to get pooped on?" In a matter of seconds, people are now thinking about animal rights and poop. Not very bridal.

Wedding Favors with Your Name on the Front
We'll get right to it: Put your name on the back or the bottom of whatever it is you're giving out. It's as simple as that. Your guests love you, but no one wants your names front and center in the middle of their home. This is included but not limited to: coasters, candles, ornaments, mini photo frames, luggage tags, and itty bitty boxes. Exceptions to this rule are shot or drinking glasses and photo booth strips.

Dollar Dance
If you've never heard of this, it's a dance during the reception in which guests can pay $1 for a few seconds to dance with the bride or groom. Even if you think this is a sweet tradition, consider the guests who have already spent money on travel and gifts — and how awkward it is that you're asking for an extra buck.

You're the princess for the day. We get it. But must you have a literal crown atop your coiffed hair? Instead opt for something more modest (and stylish) like a headband or flower crown.

Prison Sentences for the Groom
The cake toppers with the bride dragging the groom. The groom's shoes marked "Help" and "Me." A ring bearer carrying a sign that says, "Uncle [Groom], Last chance to run!" It might be funny to a guest in a miserable marriage or your single friend who has never had a serious relationship, but it's otherwise a lame way to demonstrate the bride's authority in the relationship. A confident bride happily in love and having a good time is the very best way to say, "Yep, I'm getting what I want!"

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