Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why You'll Never See The DJ Guy at a Bridal Show

So you're thinking about heading off to a Bridal Show?  Maybe it's at a banquet hall or maybe it's at a big arena - either way, you're walking into a high-pressure sales event.  I've got a few DJ friends who may disagree with me and maybe even hate me for exposing the secret, but I think you should know the truth.  Bridal Shows cost money.  You got in free? (or maybe not. The company that put the show on might just be greedy) That's great, but who do you suppose pays for the setup, clean up and facility rental?

Here's the secret: YOU DO!  That's right.  Each vendor has to pay between $250-$2000 to rent space at that "FREE" Bridal Show.  How do suppose they can afford to do that???  By booking your wedding!  Here's how the sale might go...

"We're running a special today - $200 off our normal price of $1200, but you must book today."

or maybe:

"We have 3 other brides interested in that date and we only have 2 openings.  If you book today, we can guarantee your date."

The DJ Guy doesn't believe in tricks like that.  Our prices are ALWAYS lower than the competition because we don't need to advertise.  Our customers are our best advertisement.  75% of our new clients are referrals. We don't advertise in the Yellow Pages, we don't pay halls to be listed as one of their "preferred" or "recommended" vendors and we don't do bridal shows.  We do run specials from time to time and we do advertise online, but at a fraction of the cost of just one bridal show!

Why be forced into a fast-paced high-pressure sale?  Call The DJ Guy and we'll meet with you, on your time and give you a one-on-one private consultation - FREE!

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