Sunday, August 17, 2014

Venue Review: Barn Weddings (all over Michigan)

I had an inquiry recently from a client who saw one of my reviews and asked if I could suggest a few locations for barn weddings.  I emailed him some info, but realized this would be a good topic to cover for those interested in doing a "country" or "barn" wedding.  Many of these are locations I've been to in the past, so with that being said, here's a short list of  country or "barn wedding" locations.

There are far more than I have listed, but many of them don't do this on a regular basis and have little to no information available online.

I've done a few events at Three Cedar Farms.  It's a bit rustic and would require guests to use the stairs, but it's a nice location and very fall festive.


Cobblestone Farm in Ann Arbor is a bit more elegant and has a ramp to allow guest easier access to the barn.  I've also done a few events here, including an outdoor ceremony.

Ellis Barn in Oakland County is a historical barn and was relocated from Clarkston.  I've done one wedding here and the upstairs area was where they held the ceremony.


And finally, Red Tail Farm is one I have not been to yet, but I have a wedding booked there in October.

Omega Farms is a working farm in Williamston.  If you don't mind the BYO everything, then this spot may be perfect for you.  It turned out to be a really nice location.  There isn't any wedding information, but if you look on their calendar, they are still doing weddings occasionally.

Lazy J Ranch in Milford is OK, but I would make sure you get EVERYTHING in writing and don't let them offer to do square dancing unless you're alright with them taking up a lot of your precious dance time and watching a lot of guests leave early.  See my review here.

Lastly, check out this link which has good information from a few I've never heard of.


  1. I was at an amazing event at this wedding location venue recently. The event was outdoors along the water and against a beautiful sunset. As the party moved indoors, I was struck by the decor.

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